adjudicators and clinicians

One of the highlights of the Festival at the Oaks is the opportunity for students to learn from, and perform for, leading professional music educators!  Highly qualified solo and ensemble adjudicators specializing in individual instruments come in to work with students for the day.  The instant feedback provided by the specialists provides unique learning opportunities -- as well as heightened motivation -- for middle school musicians!  Clinicians specializing in different areas of music education lead the workshops, giving students the opportunity to expand their music education and interests!


Carrie Vecchione
Judging and Clinician for Oboe/Bassoon and Contest Prep

Dean Sorenson
Clinician - Lead Instructor Improv (levels 1 & 2)

Betty Olson 

Jim Baxter  
Judging and Clinician - Tuba/Baritone

Mitch Evett 
Judging and Clinician - Trombone

Steve Schmitz
Clinician - Saxophone

Tark Katzenmeyer 
Judging and Clinician - Clarinet

David M. Miller
Clinician - Lead Instructor Improv (level 1)

Robert Ouren
Judging and Clinician - Trumpet

Charles Weise 
Judging and Clinician - Percussion

David Roos 
Assistant - Improvisation w/David Miller

Erica Bennett
Judging and Clinician - Flute

Melissa Kat
Judging and Clinician - French Horn

Paul Kile

Robert Wakeley 
Clinician - Building Ensembles

Tyler Stromquist-Levoir
Assistant - Building Ensembles

Kristin Knoble-Swanson

Chris Lomheim
Assistant - Improvisation w/Dean Sorenson