Frequently Asked Questions

Also, as Festival day approaches, many students and parents have last-minute questions.  Here is our attempt to answer some of these for you in advance.

What time should students arrive at the Festival on Saturday?
Student registration begins at 8:30 am.  The first events begin happening at 9 am.

How should students dress for a solo contest?
Students will want to make a good first impression on judges. However, students should also be comfortable in their clothes. Take into consideration what instrument your student plays. Also consider if the student will play standing or sitting, and how the instrument is held.  For example girls might not want to wear short skirts if sitting while playing. Boys won't want to wear shirts or ties that are too tight, making it harder to breathe, if their instrument needs a lot of air.  So looking nice is great, but comfort while playing is also important!

Can people watch the solo contests?
Yes! Parents, friends and family are welcome to attend solo contests.  However, it is important that you ask the student performing FIRST, to be sure they are comfortable with an audience.  Students have the right to ask turn away observers if they are uncomfortable.  The time of your student's solo contest will be available on the "student passport" which the band directors will provide them at school, in advance of Saturday's event.  Please remind all attending a solo performance to be quiet and respectful of both the judge and student performing. Thank you!

Can family and friends attend the jazz band concert and award ceremony?
Yes!  The jazz concert, featuring the Heatwave and Coldfront jazz bands, will be held at 2:00 pm. The award ceremony will take place immediately following the concert, at apx. 2:45 pm.  Both the concert and awards will be held in the Twin Oaks Auditorium on the main floor.

What will students be fed during the day?
When registering for the Festival, students were asked to select which type of sandwich they would like.  Sandwiches from Which Wich are included in the Festival price.  Drinks, chips and desserts are available for an additional charge, both during lunch and throughout the day during the Festival.  Students should bring cash to purchase these extras.  The only food included in the registration fee is the sandwich itself.

Is there somewhere for students to "hang out" between contests and workshops?
If s
tudents have segments of time between events during the day, or between registration and their first events, they are welcome to wait in the common areas / PODS on the second floor between hallways.  They are also welcome to sit in the cafeteria between events.  Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase in the cafeteria.

What time will students be finished?
If your student stays through the jazz concert and award ceremony, pick up time will be apx. 3 pm.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of us:

Brian Melody, Band Director, Twin Oaks,

Dagan Hanson, Band Director, Hidden Oaks,

Casey Andre, Band Director, Hidden Oaks,


Nicole Thomas / Michael Nelson, co-presidents, MSBB,