Student musicians will be enrolled in each of these three (30 minute) workshops.   Each workshop has enrollment limits to ensure students have optimal interaction with their instructor(s).

Grade Differences
Building Ensembles

Preparing a Solo

Preparing and performing a solo for the first time is a major milestone in the development and independence of a musician.  This challenge may seem impossible or scary at first, but in this session students will learn to break down the barriers, and gain confidence by learning how to prepare for a future performance.  Topics will include choosing a solo, preparation techniques, presenting with confidence to an audience, performance etiquette, and more.  Students will interact with the instructor and have opportunities to ask questions.

Just for Oboes

Just For (instrument)

Festival participants will be scheduled for a session focused solely on their instrument. Flute, Clarinet, Double Reeds, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, French horn, Low brass, and Percussion students will have a small group technique lesson.  Past instructors have included Ms. Erica Bennett, Dr. Carrie Vecchione, Mr. Eric Schultz, Dr. Robert Ouren, Ms. Melissa Katz, Tark Katzenmeyer, and Mr. Randy Martens.


Improv I or II

Improvisation is the ability to compose music spontaneously while playing an instrument, and this is a skill that is fundamental in the development of musicians.  Students will learn improvisation concepts and practical applications in a hands-on session with experienced instructors.  Jazz Band students will be enrolled in Improv II, with a quicker pace and more performance time.  Students new to improvisation will be enrolled in Improv I, which offers more time to present the concepts of improvisation from the beginning.  All sessions will feature a professional instructor and a live professional jazz accompanist to create a comfortable, realistic performance experience, where no student plays alone.

Building Ensembles

Building Ensembles

You have learned to prepare a solo for the Festival at the Oaks.  The focus of this session is how to “build” or form your own small-ensemble!  We will discuss what small-ensembles are (typical and possible configurations), and the benefits/challenges of belonging to an ensemble.  In your own group you will have more opportunities to perform, choose your own music, perform in an ensemble at the high school festival, and anywhere else you want to perform!!!  As part of this session you will get the opportunity to sight-read small-ensemble music, gaining hands-on experience before trying it yourself.